Why do customers' premises get disconnected even if the deposit they have paid is enough to cover the amount outstanding?

Customers' deposit is not used to clear the amount outstanding, unless you wish to close your account. It is used as a security in cases of customers vacating premises without notifying SESB.

Under regulation 5(3) of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 Licensee Supply (Amendment) Regulations 2002, "The deposit shall be a security not a payment in advance and shall not relieve the customer from any liability under regulation 4."

Under Regulation 4(2), a customer's supply may be disconnected for default of payment after serving the required notice.

How do I claim back my deposit?

If you wish to move out of your premise and claim the deposit, please bring along your deposit receipt or a copy of your last bill. If the receipt is lost, you will be given a statutory declaration form to fill. You will also have to sign a standard form to finalise your account. After deducting the outstanding balance (if any), the deposit will be refunded. Allow a processing period of 1 month. The cheque will either be sent to your forwarding address or you will be informed to collect from our office (based on you chosen option).

How does SESB calculate the amount of deposit for electricity to be supplied to customers' premises?

The initial amount of deposit for electricity is equivalent to the estimated electricity consumption for 2 months, based on the load being applied. Thereafter, there will be a review of the security deposit based on the 2 months average of the last 6 months actual consumption.