Could SESB give comparative measures of EMF produced by some household appliances with EMF produced when transmitting electricity?

Applicances Infront 1 Feet Away 2 Feet Away
Radio 52.6 mG 2.7 mG 1.6 mG
Computer 11.4 mG 1.8 mG 1.5 mG
Iron 19.6 mG 2.0 mG 1.6 mG
Mini-Hifi 6.6 mG 2.1 mG 2.0 mG
Television 80.0 mG 7.2 mG 2.4 mG
Fridge 4.1 mG 1.9 mG 1.2 mG
Blender 8.1 mG 5.1 mG 1.6 mG
Microwave Oven 477.0 mG 49.4 mG 11.8 mG
Rice Cooker 9.0 mG 1.4 mG 1.3 mG
Foot Massager 48.0 mG 2.6 mG 1.3 mG
Hair Dryer 33.0 mG 1.4 mG 1.4 mG

Transmission Line

  • Directly under: 30 mG
  • Edge of right-of-way: 13 mG

* Note: All readings are taken under normal condition of home environment.

What is SESB's stand on public concerns over potential health effects from exposure to EMF (Electric & Magnetic Fields)?

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) are produced whenever electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and used. Numerous scientific research studies had been conducted by many countries to examine the possibility of health effects resulting from exposure to such fields. Based on the results of these studies so far, the balance of scientific evidence is against EMF resulting in adverse health effects.

SESB recognises the public concerns over potential health effects from exposure to EMF and takes seriously our responsibility to understand, appropriately address and communicate the scientific data or developments on this issue. As a responsible organization, SESB endevours to:

  1. Comply with all EMF regulations and guidelines set by the appropriate Malaysian Government agencies. When such regulations and guidelines are not available, SESB will endeavour to comply with regulations and guidelines recognized by the majority of international communities and advice given by the World Health Organization.
  2. Support the view that the EMF issue warrants consideration for a precautionary approach and will continue to study various ways for implementing the precautionary principles as practiced by the majority of international communities.
  3. Continue to review all relevant scientific developments in this area and will continously assess any implication on our operations.
  4. Continue to support high quality and collaborative research relating to EMF and make the results available for scientific review.
  5. Communicate with interested parties on EMF and make available information that will help the public's understanding of the EMF issues.

Electricity provides us with many benefits and it enhances the quality of our daily lives. SESB is committed to deliver electricity and energy services in a safe, responsible and cost effective manner.