What is the procedure for customers to make claim of compensation for damages incurred due to power supply breakdown?

Customers have to make a police report on the damages incurred.

This police report, together with a copy of the following document: N.R.I.C, electricity bill, claim invoice, letter from Jabatan Haiwan (if domestic animals are involved) must be submitted to the nearest SESB office.

SESB will make its own investigation. Customers report together with SESB report will be submitted to Insurance Broker who would liase with SESB Insurance Company who in turn would get an adjuster to investigate and value the damages. The Insurance Company (on behalf of SESB) will make payment to the claimant (customer) if the claim is found to be valid.

How do I, as a vendor, apply to be registered with SESB?

Your company must be first registered with either:-

  • Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) or PUKONSA and Kementerian Kewangan (Perbendaharaan Malaysia)


  • PUKONSA and Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB).

You may then apply to be registered with SESB, by filling in form 'Permohonan Pendaftaran Kontraktor/Pembekal SESB', paying a fee of RM50.00 and also submitting the following document:

  • Copy of Registration Certificate KK/PMS/PKK/PUKONSA
  • Copy of Registration Certificate from Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB)
  • Copy of Registration Certificate from ROC/ROB
  • Proof of 'Bumiputra' status from KK/PMS/PKK/PUKONSA if applicable
  • Copy of 'Form 24' - Pemegang ekuiti
  • Copy of 'Form 49' - Lembaga Pengarah/Pengurus/Setiausaha Syarikat
  • Copy of 'Form 32A' - Pertukaran pemegang saham syarikat (if applicable)
  • The most recent 'Annual Return of A Company Having A Share Capital'
  • Trading License, if applicable

The above-mentioned document must be certified by the Company Secretary or a member of a Professional Body or Commissioner of Oath or a Senior Public servant.

Send in your application to the following address:

FAX No: 088-246536

Why is SESB's complaint line always engaged/no one to answer?

SESB'S Call Management Centre operates 24 hours a day, everyday, with our Customer Service Assistants ready to receive calls and assist customers with information on power disruptions. However, whenever there is a wide-area blackout affecting customers in several places, there would be many customers calling-in resulting in some calls being held in queue. Customers may leave a voice message as an option. Our Customer Service Assistants will call back those customers who had left voice messages.

Will Customers get cheaper electricity once SESB gets the supply from BAKUN?

Presently, there is no plan for BAKUN to supply electricity to Sabah. SESB is planting up power plants in Sabah, to meet the demand.