Pelarasan Tarif Elektrik

29 June 2018 - The Government of Malaysia has announced through the Energy Commission (ST) that the electricity tariff adjustment or tariff rebate of 1.20 cents / kWh given to electricity consumers in Sabah and F.T. Labuan in the preceding period would end on June 30, 2018. This tariff rebate was given by the Government as a subsidy since 1 March 2015 with reviews every 6 months, which saw the tariff rebate extended until 30 June 2018. 

This tariff adjustment or rebate was previously given to Domestic consumers with monthly usage above 300 kWh and all consumers in other tariff categories. Domestic consumers whose monthly usage fall below 300 kWh were not given the tariff rebate as the rates have been maintained at subsidised low rates during the previous tariff revisions.

During the transition period (billing period which include days prior to 1 July 2018), the rebate calculation will be pro-rated.