Power Plants

Flooding frequently occurs in Beaufort and Tenom. Does the Hydro Power Plant at Tenom Pangi somehow aggravate the situation?

Tenom Pangi Hydro Power Station is a run-off river system which means that it cannot control the flow of the water in the Padas River. SESB therefore has no role in the flooding in Beaufort or Tenom.

Apart from SESB, are there any other power producers operating in Sabah?

Yes, there are 6 Independent Power Producers (IPP) in Sabah: Powertron, ARL, Serudong Power Sdn Bhd, Sandakan Power Corporation Energy Services Sdn Bhd, Stratavest Sdn Bhd and Sepangar Bay Power Corporation.

What is the capacity of the largest power plant and generating set in SESB?

Patau-Patau Power Station with a total installed capacity of 112MW, is our largest plant. The generating sets in SESB are relatively small; the largest of which is the 33MW John Brown gas turbine.

What are the types of power plants you have in SESB?

Presently SESB has 3 types of power plants: hydro, diesel and gas.