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Billing and Payment

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SESB issues electricity bills to the customers on a monthly basis. Details such as the amount charged for the month, the total amount outstanding and the payments received from the date of the last bill, are stated on the current bill. Hence, an SESB electricity bill is also a statement of the customers' electricity account. SESB allows customers thirty (30) days to settle electricity bills. Please take note of the following points regarding payment.

  1. Electricity Bills must be settled before the due date, failing which electricity supply can be disconnected after seven (7) days of disconnection notice lapsed.
  2. Meter Readers and other SESB field personnel are not authorized to receive any payment. Payment can be made only at SESB payment counters, other one-stop payment counters, collecting agents appointed by SESB and through AUTOPAY (DEBIT/CREDIT CARD) & AUTODEBIT (SAVINGS/CURRENT ACCOUNT), which can be made by applying and completing the SERVICE APPLICATION FORM. Please refer to the section on Bills Payment for the list of SESB authorized payment collection centers.