imgConnection Consumer Charges (CCC)

Connection Consumer Charges (CCC)

Electrical Supply

What is the new Consumer Connection Charges (CCC) calculation?

The new CCC objective is to improve the transparency of connection charges, and enhance the ease of implementation of the charges. The new CCC will be in a form of fixed rate with the use of a per-kW unit rate as the basis of the CCC charge means that customers will only pay for the amount of load they have applied for which will enhance the predictability of the CCC.

The use of fixed rates (RM/kW) for customers connecting into the 11kV distribution network and that are located within 1 km from the connecting point, augmented by a variable (per-meter) charge based for any distance beyond 1 km shall enable connecting customers, developers and their consultants to determine how much the connection charge is likely to be.

The low voltage costs for group applications under the proposed CCC can also be worked out based on the standard supply scheme and the schedule prices of major materials which will be published by SESB from time to time.

The use of fixed rates (per pole span and per service line) to connect individual customers (below 50kVA) will allow these customers to determine exactly how their connection charge is calculated and speeds up process of connection. SESB will maintain the 50% discount on connection costs for Low Voltage Individual Domestic consumers.

When is the new CCC implemetation?

New CCC shall be implemented effective 1st April 2017.

Can everyone apply for the new CCC?

Yes, new CCC is applicable for all new applications submitted on 1st April 2017 and onwards.

If I have submitted my application BUT have NOT paid the CCC, is my application eligible to be recalculated for the new CCC?

Yes, you may write in to request for CCC recalculation to the SESB office processing your submitted application. However, the project completion timeline shall be revised to follow the new CCC request submission.

If I have submitted my application and have paid the CCC, is my application eligible to be recalculated for the new CCC?

No, all projects PAID before 1st April 2017 shall not be eligible for recalculation of CCC.

How long will it take to calculate my new CCC?

New CCC shall be released for payment within TWO (2) months from the complete supply application submission.