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Change Of Name

Change of Name

If you would like to change the name of an existing electricity account to the name who will paying the electricity bill, you may refer to the application process below. It is highly advisable to do so when there is a change of premise occupier, to avoid the liability of non-payment on the registered account owner.

Fill Up Termination Form
  • Customer fills the electricity application form
a) Click here to Download Residential (Domestic) Application Form.
b) Click here to Download Commercial & Industrial (Non-Domestic) Application Form.
  • Attach together the required documents.
a) Example:
- Photocopy of NRIC
- Registered Sales & Purchase Agreement / Land Title / Tenancy Agreement / Offer Letter Memorandum of Transfer (wherever applicable)
- Consent Letter from Partner (if any)
- Business Registration Document (if registered under a company name)
- Company stamp (if registered under a company name)
Appoint Registered SESB Contractor
  • Appoint Electrical Wiring Contractor.Click here
  • The appointed Electrical Wiring Contractor shall fill up Form G and H.
  • The appointed Electrical Wiring Contractor shall submit the electricity application form together with the required documents to SESB
Pay Connection Charges
  • SESB will calculate the connection charges for the electricity connection to the premis.
  • Customer pays the connection charges and RM10 stamp duty.
Pay Deposit
  • Customer pays the electricity deposit
  • SESB installs meter and connects supply