Disconnection of Supply - testing

SESB’s revenue is obtained through the sale of electricity to its customers. Therefore, SESB has established relevant regulations to ensure smooth collection of its revenue. Customers are required to settle their bills within thirty (30) days from the date bills are rendered. Failure to do so will result in the disconnection of electricity supply after seven (7) days of disconnection notice lapsed.


Disconnection of supply after serving notice

SESB can further disconnect electricity supply to any given premise after giving 24 hours notice under the following conditions:

  1. If the electrical installation endangers life or property
  2. If theft of electricity is suspected
  3. If the meter has been found to be damaged intentionally

Disconnection of electricity supply can be done by SESB without serving notice if:

The electrical installation is dangerous and disconnection of electricity supply cannot therefore be delayed
SESB will not disconnect the electrical supply to a customer if he/she can produce a receipt to prove that payment has been made. For large power customers, final notices will be issued according to a pre arranged schedule before disconnection of supply is carried out.
The customer is advised to make payments at the SESB Counter if payments are made close to the 30 day deadline.


Application for disconnecting of supply

A customer can apply to SESB office to have his supply disconnected for the following reasons:

  • Change of Tenancy
  • Demolition of House
  • Renovation of House
  • Natural Disaster

For such cases, the customer is requested to make an appointment with the nearest SESB office so that the disconnection of supply can be carried out at the appropriate time and date.