Reconnection of Supply - testing

Reconnection of Supply After The Disconnection

After the disconnection of supply, the customer is given a period of thirty days (30) to make payments and to have the supply reconnected, otherwise the account will be closed and the customer will need to submit new application for electricity supply. The customer is required to settle all outstanding bills, if any, at the local SESB office as stated in the disconnection notice. A customer who settles all bills before 1.00pm can get his/her supply reconnected the same day. Supply will be reconnected within 24 – 48 hours if payment is made after 1.00pm.


Time Frame To Reconnect Supply

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that supply is reconnected as soon as possible. This should not exceed one (1) months. If the customer fails to do so within this given period, SESB will assume that the customer no longer requires the services and will close the customer’s account after ensuring that all outstanding payments have been settled. If the customer intends to get his/her supply back after that period, he/she will then have to re-submit a new application for supply.