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Meter Replacement

Meter Replacement

What is Meter Replacement?

Meter replacement or also known as Ops Usang or Routine Meter Change (RMC) is an initiative by SESB to reduce System Loss through the activity of changing inefficient meter. It is focused on Ordinary Power Consumer (OPC) meter.

When will the meter be replaced? Why is it replaced?

The meter change activity will be done for meters that are identified to have exceeded the age of 15 years since the meter had been installed and operated on site. By converting an old electromechanical meter to a new type of electronic meter, energy consumption recorded by the meter will be more efficient thus providing a more accurate reading

What is the difference between the new meter and the old meter?

Old meter is of the electromechanical type and uses disc to record the amount of energy used. The ability to record energy consumption will be less precarious over the lifetime of the meter. New meter is electronic / digital type and has a better accuracy for recording the use of electricity in consumer premises.

What is the option provided by SESB to its consumer regarding meter replacement?

Currently, there is only two option of meter provided by SESB which is Single Phase Meter and Three Phase Meter

Who should be contacted about meter replacement?

Consumer may call 15454 or visit the nearest SESB office for any matters related to meter.