imgMeter Testing

Meter Testing

Meter Testing

Meter testing is done based on two types of irregularities namely Kes Kejanggalan Biose (KKB) and Kes Usikan Pepasangan Meter (KUPM)

I. Kes Kejanggalan Biasa (KKB)

The Irregularities occurring due to the following:

  • Meter inaccuracy
  • Meter or installation in connection with or partially false to function
  • Meter reading error
  • Multiplication error meter reading
  • Cross connection connecting to different accounts
  • Incorrect installation

II. Kes Usikan Pepasangan Meter (KUPM)

The irregularities caused by:

  • Other damage on the meter caused by tampering on the installation

Example: wiring "Terminal Test Hock" (TTB), variable current device

  • Damage to the meter caused by tampering such as shifting "by-pass inside the meter, wire or link is opened or cut