imgTermination of Account

Termination of Account

Closing Of Account

If you wish to terminate or close your account, you may refer to the application process below. However, customers are still responsible with their electricity consumption, until the Final Charge payment has been made. Customers need to come in person to the nearest SESB Office.

Fill Up Termination Form
  • Customer fills the Termination Form. Click here to download form.
  • Attach together the supporting documents required.
Pay Outstanding Electricity Charges
  • Customers must pay off their outstanding electricity charges based on current bill.
  • Payment can be made at SESB Kiosk or any SESB authorised payment channels.
Final Meter Reading
  • SESB personnel will take the final meter reading and cut-off electricity supply
  • Premise must be accessible for this purpose.
  • The final meter reading will be use for the Final Charge before closing the account.
Get Refund
  • Basic refund calculation: Refund = Security Deposit - Final Charge
  • SESB will reimburse the security deposit by crediting to your bank account, by cheque or transfer to customer’s other active SESB Electricity Account after deducting any outstanding amounts (if any).